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Welcome creative diy workshop

Inspiring families to create wonderful products and memories for a lifetime has been one of our major goals at Creative DIY Workshop.

We are an instructor−led and family−owned DO IT YOURSELF WORKSHOP and EVENT CENTER that allows you to bring out your creative side. Whether you’re a complete novice or a skilled expert, our classes will show you, your family, and your friends how fun it can be to create a product yourself.

Offering a large assortment of stencils, stains, product categories, and colors, you can rest easy knowing you will have full customization over what kind of product you want to make for a low price. Don’t have time to come in and do a class? That’s ok! Most of our products can be premade and shipped directly to your home.

How To Book aWorkshop?

"Booking a workshop is easy! Just follow these 4 steps.


Pick your project, if applicable




Pay and Show Up

That’s all there is to it! Still confused? Contact US: (412)-977-9278

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